Private Investigations

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We are a Licensed Private Investigation Company.

Diversion Investigations  Field representives consist of a diverse group of highly trained experienced investigators utlizing the most advanced technology in gathering information.

Diversion Investigations office support personnel are carefully selected which aids in the professional and confidentiality the Company regards  as paramount.

About the President
Pierce Bryant has 28 years of experience in the public sector as it relates to criminal investigation along with 28 years of experience the private sector.  Mr. Bryant is well known throughout the Tri-State area for his work ethics, professionalism and integrity.

Mission Statement

Diversion Investigations will guarantee all investigations performed are handled in a professional and confidential manner.  We are living in a litigious society and in order to ensure the confidence of our clients, it is imperative that we furnish concrete evidence in all investigations.
The people we hire in a business to represent our interest should possess honesty and integrity.
Allow Diversion Investigations to be a part of your team of professionals.

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